10 Photo Tips for Selling Your Items Online

10 Photo Tips for Selling Your Items Online

With the uprising trend of online market places such as Carousell and the newly launched Facebook Marketplace, anyone can start an E-commerce businesses at the tip of their fingers. At a glance, your profile provides an important overview of the quality of your products, as well as a glimpse into your credibility as a seller.


(Photo by Petrova for sale at $5.00)

“A picture is worth a thousand words” – If you wish to captivate the attention of your buyers easily, POST AN APPEALING PHOTO OF YOUR PRODUCT. In fact, many search engines offer the option of filtering out listings without any photo. Therefore, attaching a photo is the first and most important step of selling your product. So how do you ensure that your photos are so impressive, such that it allows your product to stand out from the large pool of existing sellers? Read on for 8 tips.

1. Use Diffused Lighting. (Don’t forget to Turn Off the Flash!)

Diffused Lighting is the process of softening the light from your light source, eg. bulb or studio lamps, illuminating the entire room and eliminating any shadows or specular highlights. This will create a more professional look for your product.

2. Use a Plain Background that Contrasts with your Product

We do not want to draw attention away from your item with a distracting floral background. Hence, a plain white or neutral background would be ideal such that the focus remains on the item. If you’re trying to sell a white coloured merchandise, you may place it against a contrasting plain background for best effects.


(Photo by Shaun Dsilva for sale at $5.00)

3. Take Medium-Resolution Photos

A high resolution or medium resolution setting will enable you to capture photos without noticeable difference in quality. However, a high resolution photo will increase your file size tremendously, delaying the time to create multiple listings under your profile.

4. Capture all Angles

Uploading pictures of your products from different angles will boost your sales due to aesthetics. In the case that your item contains any blemishes or defects, attach a photo of it as well! You may wish to elaborate more on the Item Description so that your buyers will be well-informed.

5. Steady the Camera

Use a Tripod to eliminate blurriness & unsteady hands. If you do not have a tripod, you may place your smartphone or camera on a flat surface and activate the self-timer to prevent any excess movement.


(Photo by Benjamin Suter for sale at $5.00)

6. Keep Your Photos from Tinting

There are multiple photo editing apps today that helps to eliminate abnormal tints, using the function “Automatic White Balance”. This helps to ensure that your item stay true to its colour even if your item is exposed to multiple light sources.

7. Capture Detailed Close-Up Shots

You may capture sharp close-up shots of your product using the “macro” mode or setting on your smartphone. A tripod and shutter release will come in handy at times like these to prevent blurriness.


(Photo by Vlad for sale at $5.00)

8. Do Not Over-Edit Your Photos

Making sure that your physical items are exact replicas of those shown in the pictures are of utmost importance. You may wish to use photo-editing apps to increase the sharpness, crop and add filters, but always make it a point to not over-edit your photos.

Therefore, ensuring your listings are promoted actively and profile branding to maintain customer retention rate are basic fundamental of being a good seller. However, being a distinguishable seller from the rest involves more tedious efforts to make yourself stand out. Once you implement these 8 quick tips for your products – Sit back, Relax and Enjoy the Business!

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