A Spooktacular Halloween!

A Spooktacular Halloween!

Halloween is around the corner, and that calls for you to get creative! Isn’t it boring to spend the whole weekend looking for a fabulous witch costume, only to discover a hundred more witches at the same event as you?

Markedshot is here to guide you to becoming The Witchiest Witch of Them All. Say Goodbye to your worries as the city burst with creepy events that allow YOU to capture the best moments!


Photo by Eleonora Borodina for sale at $5.00

Battle Low Light Conditions

Most of the Halloween events are held in dark and smokey locations, where brightness are adjusted to a minimum. That’d mean something all photographers  find hard to deal with – Low Light Conditions. Fret not, you just found the perfect solution right here:

(a) Turn up your ISO – A higher ISO is accompanied by a higher sensitivity of your image sensor towards light. However, this is captured at the expense of more grainy photos (Which can be fixed easily with Photoshop).

(b) Switch to aperture priority mode – Adjust all available functions to allow the maximum light captured in your lens.

(c) Slow down Shutter Speed – Shutter speed is inversely proportional to the amount of light. You may want to ensure that there all forms of movement are eliminated as it will turn out blur on your photograph. (On a brighter note, it may let your shot come off creepier than before!)


Photo by Asheesh for sale at $5.00

Finding New Perspectives

Sick of Jack-O-Lanterns carved out from pumpkins? You may use alternatives like watermelons or pineapples. There are endless options and ideas as long as you let your left brain wander. New perspectives will allow you to stand utamong the rest.

Create an Ideal Location

It’d be great if you choose to invest some time exploring the most deserted buildings in your city. However, you may also take into consideration the possibility of creating your own haunted location. With a little decorations and lighting adjustments, even your living room can turn into a perfect scene for horror movies.


Photo by Multipedia for sale at $5.00

Facial Expressions

Too busy to find a Halloween Costume? Just another witch at the party? Let those facial muscles work their magic and get ready to unleash the inner Joker in you. Coupled with the amazing transformation using cosmetics, you are bound to be the most SPOOKtacular person at the party!

Fill Your Frames

You definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on all the drama happening on Halloween, do you? Shift your lens as close to the object as possible and that would guarantee your shots coming alive. This is also known as macrophotography, where details of your object are revealed. To capture a clear and HD close-up photo, switch to the Close-Up or Macro mode and that would make focusing easier.

Dressing up for Halloween is incredibly fun, so why don’t you dress up AND win prizes at the same time? Here’s the deal: Participate in our “A Spooktacular Halloween” Photo Challenge right here, and Stand a Chance to win up to $50!

So what are you waiting for, Go Dress to Impress!

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